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Essence of Elegance A Dragons Brand

Waist Coats

As an entrepreneur who wanted unique clothing to wear to stand out amongst my peers. As a professional, I know that first appearances are judged first, but what’s also important is courage, poise, and self-confidence. These traits were instilled in me over a 20-year period as a U.S. Marine, alongside my wife who also retired as well.

After some research, my wife was introduced to Gentleman Jim, who is a renowned Master Tailor known around the world that started out in the Fabric district of New York. Upon our introduction, I knew I was on to something very special!

Jim is an inspirational mentor and friend with a enormous amount of wisdom. After more than 200 personally designed waist coats using my fabric and designs, Jim moved to Atlanta to pursue his dream. Jim’s program “Second Chance”, is training men and women to become skilled tailors, while also instilling pride of belonging and professional development. Jim and I had previously discussed the possibility of starting my own line of Waist Coats, now I am blessed to be making a contribution to the livelihood of those that need and want a second chance and working with my friend Jim.

It was for these reasons that I founded Essence of Elegance a Dragons Brand.  My goal is to provide a quality, unique and commanding product that you will wear with pride. To leave a legacy behind for my family and to empower others to become Dragons of their own destiny continues from my Marine Corps back ground. My wish for all of my customers is to be financially secure, look good, feel better, and Be Your Own Dragon!

This is only the beginning, and there is much more to come under this brand.  Wear the Dragon’s Brand, Made in America.

2% of Annual profits will be donated to “Second Chance” program.

The Second Chance program is Founded by Master Taylor Jim McFarland and he is producing our product for Essence of Elegance.  Gentlemen Jim McFarland has made suites for Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson. Jim’s career started in the Fabric District of New York.  This Master Taylor has 53 years of experience.  The second Chance program is allowing Jim to follow his dream of sharing his powerful skills. Working with individuals hoping to sharpen their skills as a Taylor and acquire his level of Mastery. With Jim’s Mentoring and guidance, his apprentices are well on their way to a Second Chance of reaching their Greatness.


Jerry A Bogus               Owner

Garnasia L Bogus         CEO

Jerry A Bogus II           President

Nicholas K Bogus         Vice President